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By now, most people know the benefit of a book to their business. The hard thing can be dialing in your ideas and finding a realistic, cost effective way to get the value that's in your head, out on to the page.

In planning for the Small Business Expo in Tampa, Betsey & I discuss the easiest way to create a book that engages potential leads and starts a conversation, without investing thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours.

To follow the conversation, listen in to this weeks podcast above and grab a copy of The 90-Minute Book below. We'll keep you posted as the project progresses.


Next steps

  • Looking for inspiration to create a great title? Checkout the Book Titles Workshop we recorded recently.
  • Looking to create the most effective book as part of your funnel? Download a copy of The 90-Minute Book and Breakthrough DNA to discover the framework that leads people to becoming clients.
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