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Here's How to Write and Publish a Book That Builds Your Business in Just 90 Minutes...

Most people think it takes months of hard work and hours of writing in solitude to create a book. Discover how to get your book outlined, written and published in as little as 90 minutes of your time.


Your Secret Weapon

Imagine being flown over your town or city. As you gain height, more and more of the houses and businesses come in to view. You take out phone, launch your special app, point the camera to the ground & like magic, the augmented reality app begins to flash and light up every property where someone is talking about a problem you can help solve.

Having this technology would be a game changer for your business. Like magic you would make invisible leads visible.

Creating a book is your secret weapon that compels invisible leads to raise their hand and enthusiastically tell you they are interested.

Robert Collier is famous for talking about entering a conversation already going on in the mind of your prospects, but too often we  spend our time convincing people of why they should work with us rather than joining them 'where they are'. Instead let's create something that captures the attention of potential customers by sharing something that is already on their mind. Something that helps them right now and compels them, with no commitment, to raise their hand and start a conversation.

You've spent years developing your specialized knowledge. Now is the time to share some of that with people who will willingly pay for your expertise, if only they knew you could help.

Download a copy of the 90-minute book and discover how you can quickly and easily create a tool that makes invisible leads visible... without having to wait for augmented reality... 


Recent Books

Here are just a few of our recent books. You can check out a larger selection in our gallery.


Your 90-Minute Book

We have designed the 90-Minute Books system to be the fastest, most effective way for you to write and publish a book that engages your audience and help identify people interested in your message.

Rather than taking months, your book, just like The 90-Minute Book, can be out there collecting leads in as little as 6-8 weeks. The best part is, we don't restrict you like some other services. Your 90-Minute Book is yours & we want it to be the most effective tool in your business. Get your book out there & if you need to update it, simply send in a revised copy anytime within the first 90 days and we'll update your book for free.


30-Minute Strategy Call
To refine your message, outline your book and develop your perfect title to capture the attention of readers.

60-Minute Interview
You'll get to talk through your outline in a comfortable way that draws out your best thinking.


Transcribe and Edit
We'll take your words and edit for spelling, grammar and readability to ensure it accurately reflects your call. 


Unique Cover Design
We dedicate a day to creating a unique cover that catches the eye and amplifies your message.


Call to Action
One of the most important parts... We'll work with you to create a killer back cover that compels readers to take the next step, identifying the hottest leads.


Publishing and Printing
We'll format your book in a professional layout and take all the necessary steps to make your book available before delivering copies to your door.


Need more, just ask... We've helped people include images, create longer books, have more than one contributor, design enhanced covers, create Kindle versions and change the format of their book.


From Our Authors


I can't say enough good things about the 90-Minute Books experience.  It was the best use of funds we have ever spent and I've already had great success using my books... read more

Roxanne P. Ostlund - The Graduate & The Money Diet

Today, a good portion of my business income is from holding seminars and coaching others which is all a result of this simple little book... read more

Kevin Craig - The Professional Referral Solution

I wanted to tell you that I have had an amazing response to my book so far. Business associates, Strategic Coach members, and a couple clients. We’ve barely had a chance to get it circulated and are just completing a social media campaign so looking forward to much success... read more

Kathleen Adams - Getting Out