Words From Our Authors


Kevin Craig

I was referred to 90-Minute Books because I have a unique business model and others in my industry were asking if I planned to publish it. Since I'm a two fingered typist, 90-Minute Books seemed to be an attractive option.

I had my first book "The Professional Referral Solution" published in a very short period of time, which immediately led to requests that I hold seminars. After filling seminars, I was asked to coach.

Today, a good portion of my business income is from holding seminars and coaching others which is all a result of this simple little book.

I'm now in the planning process for my 2nd book.

The Professional Referral Solution - Kevin Craig

Behind The Counter - Robin Estevez

Robin Estevez

What the team have created with the 90 Minute Books process is essentially a friction free way to have your book published. 

All I had to do was gather up my thoughts and show up. They did all the rest from outline, cover, layout, and putting it up for sale on Amazon. On top of that they provided new interesting ways to market & use the book to support & grow my business.

I already see myself creating a series of books with 90 Minute Books.

Getting Out - Kathleen Adams

Kathleen Adams

I wanted to tell you that I have had an amazing response to my book so far. Business associates, Strategic Coach members, and a couple clients. We’ve barely had a chance to get it circulated and are just completing a social media campaign so looking forward to much success.

Several Coach clients said they are going to contact you as they had been putting off writing a big book but after seeing mine last week so hoping you get lots of new business.

Below is just one of many fantastic comments I’ve received from a business associate:

"Thank you for sending me your book, GETTING OUT.  It is superb work and an informative read. It looked like it would be relatively informal (which I am sure was intentional in order for it not to be intimidating), but now that I have read it, I realize it is packed with substantive content.  I think it will be a great marketing tool and you should receive a lot of accolades for writing it. It gave me some ideas for my writing, so thanks!

I took the book with me to a coffee meeting with an entrepreneur (still trying to build, not sell, his company) and he noticed it immediately, said the cover was cool and interesting and proceeded to ask me all about it, wanted to know how much additional copies cost and said that he was going to go to 90-Minute Books to see about using it to publish a thesis/book he has wanted to write."

Happiness, Love and Money - Kellie Poulsen-Grill

Kellie Poulsen-Grill

I received my books today and I'm soooooooooooo excited!

They are beautiful! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! I love you all over there at 90-Minute Books. I'll keep you posted how it goes in CT at Fabienne's event.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me for everything! YOU ALL ROCK!!

Sean Lockhart

My book looks awesome!

I did not let my girlfriend read the book at all during the process. She is an Interpreter, translator and owns her own business. She also has an MBA.

She liked the book and thought it was well written. I know she loves me but she is also brutally honest so I think this was a success :)

Fleet - Sean Lockhart

What Every Student Needs to Know - Elaine Williams

Elaine Williams

I have been blown away from working with Susan Austin and the team at 90-Minute Books. They have been pleasantly persistent, supportive, helpful and even fun!

I felt overwhelmed before we started. Susan met me where I was and helped me drill down to get the book out. She knew the right questions to ask to bring forth a bigger vision for my book which really inspired me to keep going.

Before I was procrastinating my book even having a bit of dread around it, now I plan to do more books with them as their process is effortless!

Roxanne P. Ostlund

I can't say enough good things about the 90-Minute Books experience.  It was the best use of funds I have ever done.  I have had great success using the books I did, and I plan to do more.  It is easy and it is FAST - things get done.  

I have paid twice the amount using another self-publisher and it was not a good experience, nothing got done quickly, nor was service good. I felt like the people at 90-Minute Books were my FRIENDS, well, I feel like they ARE my friends.  They were encouraging and helpful.  

I would recommend it to anyone wanting to do a book.  I will be back to do more.

The Money Diet - Roxanne Ostlund
The Graduate - Roxanne Ostlund

A 21st Century School - Kent Pilcher

Kent Pilcher

The market has responded very well to our book.  It has continued to help position our company’s expertise and differentiate us in that marketplace.

It has had exactly the intended “effect” and, without the 90-Minute Books process, it would have been highly unlikely we would have been able to accomplish.  

Thanks for your guidance and support!  

Vibrant Child - Mike & Amanda Hinman

The books have arrived and we love them.
Everything turned our great and we couldn’t be happier.

Mike & Amanda Hinman

Empowered - Cornelia Shipley & Maxine Brown-Davis

You guys rock!
Please thank your entire team for getting this first draft completed so quickly!

Cornelia Shipley

Simplify - Kavon Khalilzadeh

First of all, I wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you've done in designing the cover for my first book. In the past 3 month I've been showing that to so many people and they love it. Good job!

Kayvon Khalilzadeh