We are 90-Minute Books, a marketing organization dedicated to helping you make invisible leads visible by capturing your unique message in the pages of a book. Whether you're looking to develop new business, nurture relationships with people you already engage or open doors previously stuck closed, your book is one of your greatest assets.

We're excited to have gathered one of the best teams to help you at every stage:



Dean Jackson


Dean's world renowned marketing expertise has helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs make more money. As early as 2001 Dean encouraged people to engage potential clients with 'How to write a money making e-book'. Today the advice is the same, but technology has multiplied the results.
In 2013, based on our own success, Dean relaunched the strategy packaged as a book and 2015 Dean and Stuart founded 90-Minute Books as a separate company, delivering an exceptional marketing tool for people looking to substantially grow their business.


Stuart Bell


Stuart's marketing and operational experience helped take 90-Minute Books from idea to an organization that has helped over 450 business owners and entrepreneurs create their greatest lead generation tool. 
Working closely with the team and our clients to create a simple, friction-free way of getting your message in front of potential clients, Stuart's focus is on speaking with business owners to maximize the potential of your book and developing our products and processes to support these outcomes.


Betsey Vaughn

Client Concierge

Betsey Vaughn is your advocate within the organization. With 15 years experience as the Director of a private school, she brings a naturally nurturing presence to all our client interactions.
Ensuring our clients remain our number 1 priority is a key principle at 90-Minute Books and Betsey is essential to this role. Not only does she provide a point of contact for any questions or requests from you, but she remains the internal client advocate for internal decisions regarding scope and deadlines.

Susan Austin

Content Guru

Susan Austin recorded the very first 90-Minute Book with Dean back in 2013 and has lead our content capture efforts ever since.
Having helped over 400 people refine their message, Susan has an amazing talent for cutting through the clutter to get to main value proposition of your book. She is just the person you want to help craft your initial idea into book that leads people toward the next step with you.  With a background as a successful Certified Coach, Susan understands how to engage people early in their thought process and compel them to take the next step.

Susan Austin


Kim Brandt

Production Manager

Recently joining our team from a background in HR talent & process management, Kim Brandt is our newest Production Manager.
Bringing a process oriented approach to the team, Kim is further developing our editing team and helping to identify new ways to get your books in your hand. By bringing an outside perspective to the team, we are able to validate the way we do things with a fresh set of eyes.

Glen Linton


Glen Linton is our lead designer and an expert in cover design. Having a passionate eye for detail, Glen has designed some of our best enhanced covers that communicate and convert your idea into a compelling, eye catching cover.
Your title and cover are the 2 most important elements in capturing someones attention and leaving their details in return for your book. Glens work has positively impacted the conversion rates of many of our authors.


Sarah Egberts


Working closely with Glen, Sarah Egberts completes our design team giving a new perspective on cover design. Recently graduated,  Sarah brings an appreciation and expertise in a number of newer tools and techniques that have been appreciated by many clients over the last year.
Sarah's ability to quickly convert your idea into specific designs has helped authors create an engaging cover that reflects their books message and brand identity.