Book Titles Workshop

The most important part of developing your book is creating a title that gets your audience to say 'I want that'.
No matter what business you're in, or what outcome you want people to have. If your title doesn't compel them to raise their hand and get a copy, your content won't have the chance to educate and guide them.
I know titles can be the biggest stumbling block for many people as they balance catchy with cheesy, sometime falling for obscure instead. The wrong choice can mean you miss out on hundreds of potential customers as they skip over your book.
It's very easy to get drawn by eye-catching or clever titles, but if you're looking to identify invisible leads, then your most valuable asset is a title that resonates with your target audience and gets them to say 'I want that'.
To help you get the right title we held a Book Titles Workshop & Q&A Call to help you find your perfect book title.
It was a great call covering the most important things to consider in a great title including:

  • What makes a great title
  • The importance of being compelling over convincing
  • Choosing a title that solve a problem

We ended with a Q&A session to answer your title questions.

Listen in to this replay and then Get Started here.

If you're not quite ready & want to ask us some questions first, either schedule a free 15 minute book strategy call or send us a message.