Let's Get Started...

Press Play Below To Hear Dr. Beckner's Instructions


Welcome to the next stage of creating your Shock & Awe Package.

Let me start by commending you for getting this far.  You are creating something that 99% of your competition will never do.

We've created the easiest possible process for you to create a book that compels readers to do business with you, so let me get out of the way and introduce you to the 5 steps you need to take next:

  1. Listen to the short, 4 minute audio above
    Rather than making you read, I've quickly outlined this part of the process.
  2. Download the Outline Document
    Start customising your outline by downloading the outline here.
  3. Customise Your Outline
    Make the changes you need to tailor our winning outline to your specific needs.
  4. Create Your Introduction
    The introduction in your change to introduce yourself and your practice to your readers.  Examples of 2 great introductions are available here in case you need inspiration.
    You don't need to write your introduction before your call, however most people find it easier if they do, so you have something to read aloud & ease you into the call process. (If you plan to write your introduction later, simply make a note of that in your outline).
  5. Return Your Outline
    Once you have updated your outline, simply head to this page to return it to us.  We'll check we have all the information we need for the call and reply with a link to schedule your call.


That's it.  Grab your outline today and start customizing you call. Remember to head back here to submit it once you're done and we'll take it from there.

Once your call is complete, we'll be in touch to get some testimonials from your customers to add to your book and build credibility & social proof.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@90minutebooks.com