Book Outline Workshop

We talk a lot about the importance of being compelling vs convincing when it comes to the content of your book. Once you capture someone's attention with a title that gets them to say 'I want that', the content of your book should compel them to take the next step with you. The next minimum viable commitment.

It's easy to fall into the trap of trying to write a book like a school report, with drafts, and edits, and revisions... It's no wonder few people start the process and even fewer finish.

Once you understand the purpose is to share some valuable information (the promise of the title) and compel them to take the next step, rather than to keep writing until you've convinced them to take action, it all becomes a lot more achievable.

The key is a simple outline to guide them from the benefit of the title, to the simple next steps on the back cover.

To help you get it right, we held a Book Outline Workshop, sharing the most important things to consider including:

  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What you want them to do?
  • How to lead them to the obvious next step
  • The simple process to create a compelling outline

We ended with a Q&A session to answer your outlining questions.

Listen in to this replay and then Get Started here.

If you're not quite ready & want to ask us some questions first, either schedule a free 15 minute book strategy call or send us a message.