Royalty Payments

Amazon pays royalties to publishers on all book and Kindle sales that meet their criteria. As the publisher, these are initially paid to 90-Minute Books, however we redistribute 95% of these payments back to you.

As most royalty payments are small (typically less than $50 per year) we calculate distributions twice a year in January and July, making any payments that are above $100 at that time.  For accounts with a lower balance, we'll typically roll this amount over to the next period. If the account is below the threshold for several periods we'll often arrange a payment below the $100 threshold.

What we need from you

In order to issue payments we require the following US Tax forms to be completed. Please note, we need a physical signature on the form but a scanned copy is fine.

US Citizens / Tax Payers: W9

Non US Citizens (individual) / Tax Payers: W8-BEN

Non US Citizens (entity) / Tax Payers: W8-BEN-E

(further advice on the correct form to use is available on the IRS website)

To return your form:

Your signed declaration should then be returned using this form.



Further details

  • Tax forms are required annually. If we don't have a current form on record, we'll request an update before issuing the payment.
  • All payments are made by check in $USD
  • We're unable to provide detailed sales numbers


Options if you need something different

If you anticipate having significant sales, want more frequent payments or require more detailed reporting you can opt to have the title moved to an amazon account you own. This gives you more flexibility in dealing with Amazon directly, however limits the support we can provide. (Don't worry. Amazon have great support too). To start this process just email