90-Minute Book Design Questionnaire

We're excited to see your book progressing and as our colleagues are transcribing and editing your interview, we're ready to get started on your cover.

The cover design process takes your ideas and themes to create a custom cover that will grab the attention of potential clients.  As described in 'Preparing for Your 90-Minute Book', the aim is to create something that supports your headline and compels someone to request a copy.  Once they receive either a physical of digital version of your book, the back cover copy is there to guide people to the next step; your offer that makes it easy to get started with you.

We have a day set aside to create something great, so to start the process, please complete the details below. If you're struggling to identify any cover ideas, there is also the opportunity to request a 20 minute design call.

From this information we're able to create a killer custom cover using almost any combination of color, font and up to two images from a library of over a million.

We're looking forward to getting started and creating a cover worthy of the greatest lead generation tool you'll ever own.

Glen & Carolyn

The 90-Minute Book Design Team

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Back Cover Layout

The 'call to action' at the back of your book is the most important page after the cover. It's the page almost everyone will read and its job is to guide people toward the next step in your process.

Our content team will work closely with you to define the perfect copy to guide and compel readers to take action. It should be about them and their next step rather than you. Once you've agreed the back cover with the content team, we lay it out in the following way.
(This 'call to action' is also repeated on the last page of the book).